Industry Experience

Dr. Brown had a distinguished career in industry for more than two decades. Here are some of the positions that he held.

CACI, Inc.

As a CACI, Inc employee he served as the Technical Manager for all Business Process Automation for a large law enforcement agency.

Valhalla Data Systems, Inc.

Dr. Brown is the Founder and CEO of Valhalla Data Systems, Inc. Throughout the early 2000's Valhalla Data Systems held sub-contracts at many large government agencies including Department of Labor, US Postal Service, Department of Defense Educational Activities and NASA.

Sun Microsystems

Dr. Brown was a Java Engineer for Sun Microsystems, the company that invented Java. He worked on the first J2EE certified Java application server.

NASA/WVU Software Research Laboratory

Dr. Brown was a Research Assistant at the NASA/WVU Software Research Laboratory, which was the research arm for NASA IV&V center in Fairmont WV.

Other companies

Dr. Brown worked for some lesser known companies building software in the field of manufacturing and educational administration.