Academic and Research Projects

AWL: Managing Air Transport of Strategic Goods Using IT Support

Through a Fulbright grant, Dr. Brown worked at the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Land Forces Military University (also called Akademia Wojsk Landwych - AWL) to develop requirements for a next generation IT support system for manage transportation of military and dual-use cargo through airports.

Software Engineering Project (SWEN 670)

As the Chair and Faculty member for SWEN 670 (Software Engineering Project) Dr. Brown manages the software projects that students complete. Outside organizations sponsor projects. Sponsors assist teams of students with requirements and receive software and documentation at no cost. Dr. Brown solicits organizations to sponsor projects, he also manages these relationships and oversees the projects. Numerous projects have been undertaken for many organizations. Here are some of the highlights:

NASA EVA Training

NASA Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston Texas is responsible for training astronauts for Extra-Vehicle Activities (EVAs), which are commonly called Space-Walks. Teams create the world's first and only optimal path generator for EVAs. Users can select a starting point and ending point on a 3D model of the International Space Station and it produces the optimal path to move from these two points. It is similar to how Google Maps works for roads, except it finds 3D paths around the outside of the space station. A second project is the EVA Instructions Management System. This system organizes, stores, collates and produces lists of instructions for astronauts to use during EVAs.


Cytoscape is a free open-source universal modeling tool generally associated with Biological modeling. It has been extensively used in research including DNA modeling and cancer research. Numerous projects have been completed for Cytoscape under Dr. Brown. A number of projects enhance Cytoscape and some produced valuable information for the promotion of Cytoscape, including counting and tracking the number of research papers cite Cytoscape. Article

Washington Post High School Sports Ranking System

The Washington Post covers high school sports in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland for public and private schools. Ranking high school sports teams is very difficult because teams rarely play across these geographic boundaries and rarely do public and private schools play each other. A high school sports ranking algorithm and program was developed to rank high school sports teams in the Washington Post's circulation area. Article

Sharing of DNA motifs or patterns

This project created a web-based application that allows hospital staff and researchers to share research on DNA motifs. Article

EOSDIS Issue Tracking Modeling for NASA

The Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) is a NASA project that provides information on the earth that is used for many purposes, for example weather forecasting. The project for the creation of the software in EOSDIS produced a database of issues (enhancements, defects, etc) from an issue tracking system. Dr. Brown did the first modeling of this issue tracking database while he was a Research Assistant for the NASA/WVU Software Research Laboratory.

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