Dr. Michael Scott Brown

Photo Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Scott Brown is currently the Program Chair of the Software Engineering Masters at the University of Maryland Global Campus. The program has 15 faculty members that he manages and graduates over 100 students per year. He managers all introduction to programming courses for the Graduate School that trains over 200 students per year on how to write computer programs. He also Chairs a Software Testing Masters Certificate for the University System of Maryland hosted on EdX. Additionally, Dr. Brown is the Editor-In-Chief for the Journal of Software Engineering Practice, a low-cost open access journal.

Dr. Brown is an internationally published researcher in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Software Engineering. He has applied advanced AI methods to solve problems in biology, finance, software testing, military purposes and others. He has assisted more than 20 students in conducting and publishing research. He has published over 27 research papers. In 2019 he was awarded a Fulbright grant to do research abroad at General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Land Forces Military University in Wroclaw Poland. He also worked at the NASA/WVU Software Research Laboratory which was a research arm of the NASA Independent Verification and Validation center in Fairmont WV.

Dr. Brown began his career in industry. There he excelled at software engineering. At Sun Microsystems, he was a Java Engineer and worked on the first J2EE certified Java Application Server. He was the founder and CEO of Valhalla Data Systems, Inc. that held contracts at Department of Defense, Department of Labor, US Postal Service and other large government agencies. As a CACI employee he was the Technical Manager for all Business Process Automation at a large federal law enforcement agency.

Dr. Brown loves teaching. He has taught over 100 college course sections at 11 universities. These universities include a community college, historically black college, small liberal arts college and a large division I college. Dr. Brown’s primary focus is on adult, online higher education and is the only person ever to win 2 Effective Practice Awards from the Online Learning Consortium.